What is fileuploadform?
FileUploadForm is a file upload form service which lets you create file upload forms or provide file uploader for website
Why Fileuploadform?
Its simple, fast and free. You don't need to write any code. Just copy & paste a single line of code and you're done
How do I benefit from using Fileuploadform?
Safe time, no need to be techie guy to create file upload form and it's free too
Is my data safe with Fileuploadform?
We do not share your email address with anyone for any purpose. And, the files sent via your form will be placed safely on our internet files storage server at Amazon S3. In addition we won't access and share your files as well
Is it possible to customize the form i.e add new fields, change the fields, change the colors , etc ?
Sure, simply upgrade your account to pro/advanced, and you will get more features & priority support
How do i create another form on the same domain name / web as it says "the domain already registered" ?
You can add the "www" prefix i.e www.domain.com / www.sub.domain.com when creating the new form (pro / advanced plan only)
I got invalid security code / it always says the captcha was incorrect?
It reported when using older versions of Internet Explorer, Refresh the captcha by clicking its refresh button (at the right side of the captcha image), if it does not work use other browser i.e Google chrome, Firefox.
Is it possible to disable the captcha /security code validation ?
Yes if you are using pro/advanced plan, Sorry Free plan does not have this capability at this time